You see a cute, chubby fairy! Flee, or don't flee?

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You see a cute, chubby fairy! Flee, or don't flee?

Post by Majestic_12 on Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:40 pm

Cruelly put, life for a Silurhean fairy is a nearly unending struggle in the search for living things to consume alive in order to turn them into enough magic energy to fill his/her reserves. Most of the time, they subsist off of fruits and veggies, and it takes quite a very full belly to get an appreciable refill of magic energy from that. A non-sentient animal will produce twice as much magic energy as a Dahla its size (Dahlas, called "pear apples" by humans, are the most magic energy-rich fruit/vegetable that you will find in the galaxy). Devouring another fairy will fill a fairy's magic reserves completely.

A human, however, provides two to three times as much magic energy as another fairy: the glow from their life force can be seen over a mile away, and is a giant beacon.

When a fairy is full up on magic energy, extra calories coming in via the stomach get converted into fat. Unfortunately for Silurheans, almost no one is ever full up on magic energy. They don't have time to get fat, either, as they're always hunting. Anything they eat that doesn't nourish, goes right to their magic reserves.

Exo-symbiotes - Siluvarans and those living in the wild, however, have a monstrous advantage: they humans and other fairies to their wombs, where their prey's bodies are turned into magic energy and their prey's souls are put back into new mortal shells to continue their lives, all the better for the experience. Basically this means they can take the same person over and over again. An exo-symbiote fairy, unlike a Silurhean fairy, is rarely NOT full up on magic energy for long.

So when an exo-symbiote is absolutely loaded with magic energy, if she feeds someone to her womb her nerve fibers start to glow with excess magic energy which is being wasted into the air. Other fairies in very close proximity with their wings outstretched, may even catch and store some of this excess. This fairy who is full up on magic energy, if she eats anything, her digestive system won't turn the bulk of it into magic - only undigestible remains in the small intestine become magic energy. The rest goes to her body as excess calories.

Which means some exo-symbiotes who simply aren't being tried by trials and tribulations, will pull in excess calories by eating, and will get a bit chubby. Which won't last long, because a good linear flight across an area the size of Oregon - a typical day's combined itinerary for a fairy in socialite mode - is enough to work off a ton of weight. Fairies - both symbiotic and carnivorous - love to walk and fly and sight see. That costs calories.

So, if you see a chubby fairy in the wild, and you don't have telepathy or a BT scanner, breathe easy. She ain't gonna eat you. Be more concerned if you see an athletic looking fairy.


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