Facial hair on male fairies

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Facial hair on male fairies

Post by Majestic_12 on Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:04 am

Reports of facial hair on male fairies have been circulating around since after the Bollar-Siluvaran conflict 500 years ago (during the time of the 19th-20th century on Earth).

Nivalavi males were the first types of fairies to be seen with facial hair, but the truth of the matter is, these young men tack them on artificially, in an attempt to look more like their Bollar fathers. They may use magic to make hair grow on their faces or otherwise fabricate them, but in no case does it grow naturally, and rarely does it ever look good on the face of such a being as a winged male with elfin ears and antennae drooping over his forehead.

The quest to conjure good looking facial hair has spread all across Siluvaran territory; in the modern day you may find that every male Siluvaran has experimented with this at some point. And in just about every case the females do not hesitate to point out to them that facial hair on a male fairy is never good looking in their eyes.

Nevertheless, it never seems to stop generation upon generation of male fairies from trying.

At least, that is, until Earth humans come onto the scene and start laughing at fairies sporting (fake) goatees...


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