Who are the Bollars?

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Who are the Bollars?

Post by Majestic_12 on Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:22 pm

Around the time of 14th century Earth, there was a sector of the galaxy in Grue Combine territory that the Siluvarans had never been able to invade much less penetrate. For 400 million years this zone had been secure breeding grounds for the Silurhean carnivores and the monsters that accompany them: the Kadruata, the ant people, mermaids, dryads, and all the other maneating transgenic horrors.

But in this zone one world remained tucked away in a lonely star system caught between a group of bok globules, unseen by the Grue Combine and thus unvisited by their insatiable collective hunger. It was the home of the Ke'yeppan civilization, a pre-space age humans who would be easily mistaken for Africans. In the time of early 14th century Earth, these distant aliens had just discovered that they were in fact not indigent to the world they lived on. An industrial-age holy war ensued as a result of this; at the same time, some researchers on the cutting edge of Ke'yeppan science, managed to split the atom, developing nuclear energy. Having discovered the potential power of nuclear weaponry, they appealed to scientists of the warring factions to end the fighting. The fighting did not end, but at the unveiling of a colony ship under construction undersea, all the smarter scientists defected. They faked their deaths with an undersea explosion and while the war raged on, furiously paced research for space travel resumed and was completed over a century later, around 30 years before Christopher Columbus took off in search for America.

Just before the holy wars had ended, a Ke'yeppan colony ship launched carrying tens of thousands of people - scientists, construction workers and all their families - and the Ke'yeppan Governments tried, but failed, to shoot it down. The ship was a giant rotating barrel, providing artificial gravity and magnetic fields, as well as hydroponics and other systems, to sustain a potential population of a million people. It also turned out to be more resilient than feared, resisting micrometeors and background radiation, but the Bok Globule (dark nebulae) in its path proved to be more solid than they expected. The ship was damaged trying to punch through, and was forced to detour. Much to the astonishment of the colonists, the severely pummeled ship came upon another blue-green world on the other side of the nebula, only ten light years from their homeworld; this was thus designated Ke'yeppa Beta. But it had to drift in orbit for 2 years while they finished repairs and upgrades so that it could survive re-entry and land in one piece.

50 years after Christopher Columbus found the West Indies, the Ke'yeppan colony ship began its slow, controlled descent to the surface. It landed, but it had suffered far too much hull stress; it cracked in half after landing, and would never be star-worthy again. During the remainder what Earth would call its 16th century, an aggressive program of breeding telepaths and telekinetics (teekers) began; also, faster-than-light travel and artificial gravity were researched heavily, and the colonists made a startling archaeological discovery: the world they had found, was littered with crystalline sculptures eerily familiar to futurist works of art from the world they had just left. These same sculptures were inscribed with lettering that alarmingly identical to their own language.

Ironically, the Ke'yeppan scientists confiscated all that they could find, in hopes of preventing a panic; but rumors that this world might have been a previous homeworld for their people, were impossible to quell. Inevitably, though, said rumors were pushed back into the realm of myth, legend, and religion.

This did not last long. In the time of early 17th century Earth, hell prepared to break loose upon the unsuspecting colonists. Fortunately, by then, they had carried out their first successful hyperspace test, sending a shuttle back to the nebula cluster and to Ke'yeppa Prime, their homeworld hidden within. Trade with Prime began immediately, and a fleet of commercial starships came flooding to the new colony. The old Governments of Prime met with the new leaders of Beta, and a confederation of independent states was formed, along with a common defense pact.

Enter, Ke'yeppan Beta defense force General Karip'sh Bollar and his brother, Space Navy Admiral Jiraro Bollar. They were presented with the skeleton of a 300 foot long snake/human hybrid - hard evidence of an ancient known Ke'yeppan legendary devil called the Kadrua, a man-eating snake wo/man that was mentioned frequently around children to scare them into obedience. Furthermore, the ancient people of Beta had begun to store data on data crystals, which could last millions of years; and these crystals were found all over one particular archaeological dig. Thought to be ornamental rocks, they were in fact repositories of countless gigabytes of ancient top secret military data. In this data they found proof that the planet came under siege and the people had fled the world - no doubt to Ke'yeppa Prime! A nanotech weapon was then unleashed upon the invaders, and no one was left around to tell if the nanites had killed the aliens or not: the remaining survivors of the invasion had been evacuated.

The Kadrua were, in fact, identified by these military data crystals as the Kadruata, the vanguard of the Grue Combine.

The brothers Bollar immediately presented this to the common defense council and were ordered to shut up about it. The consensus was that a nanotech plague had doomed the people of this world. The skeletal remains were written off as an ancient hoax.

The Bollar brothers both disobeyed their orders, presenting this evidence to the troops under their command. Further data concerning the Silurheans came out of the ancient archives, showing that the ancient Ke'yeppan military had discovered the true magnitude of the Grue Combine invasion. The people had evacuated not only because of the near genocide of their world... but because the entire local region of the galaxy was dominated by these monsters and they would never stop coming. To give their people a chance, they had decided to flee into the nebula cluster and terraform a world to live in seclusion. Their people had also scrapped their hyperspace technology to avoid giving away the location of their new world.

Armed with the truth, the Bollar brothers began to train their forces for war with the Grue. This time, they had the advantage of prior knowledge and preparation, a luxury their ancestors did not.

Word spread, rapidly.

The Bollar Brothers were then arrested, tried and sent to a military prison, in preparation for a courtmartial.

During these very weeks that they awaited trial, the Grue Combine came out of nowhere and hit Ke'yeppa Beta. However, the Ke'yeppan Space Navy, with its army of military telepaths and teekers, were trained and ready: the Grue Combine fell into a galactic meat grinder. Although hundreds of nagas made it to the surface to devour hapless civilians, tens of thousands were torn to pieces in space.

The troops sprung Karip'sh and Jiraro from prison; the whole world hailed them as prophets as they annihilated a dozen Kadruata feeding at and around the prison. The two brothers even acted on their own to cut the dead Kadruata open, rescuing many swallowed humans and inspiring others to do the same.

The Ke'yeppan Army and its Psi Divisions quickly ended the Kadruata invasion, only to find themselves confronted with the Silurhean fairies who had teleported the snake-people into battle. Again, the Psi Divisions, well trained by Karip'sh Bollar, dominated in open combat. Silurhean losses were complete and total; Ke'yeppa Beta fell quiet again, and the deadly noxious putrifying remains of dead fairies and nagas were quickly buried in landfills.

It was then, in the mid 17th century, that the Ke'yeppans of Ke'yeppa Beta actually renamed their own species after the two military leaders who'd saved them. They were now calling themselves the Bollars, of the Bollar Empire.

Racing back home, their telepaths spotted a Silurhean fairy observation base hiding on one of Ke'yeppa Prime's two moons: their location had been compromised, and a major invasion was forthcoming. The fleet ignored the fairies, letting them think they'd been undetected, until the invasion came.

The Bollar Imperial fleet, with the help of Ke'yeppa Prime's fleet, wiped out a Grue Combine force of a billion troops and over ten thousand ships in hours, keeping even one monster from reaching their homeworld.

The Bollar Empire quickly encompassed both Beta and Prime, with the Bollar brothers serving as co-Emperors for Life.

The two space-aged Caesars lashed out in search of the Grue, burning whole Grue worlds to barren rock to send a message that the Bollar Empire was coming for them. An aggressive breeding program was initiated to swell their people's population and to produce the army needed to crush the Grue Combine. Finally, in the late 17th century, the aging Bollar brothers oversaw the total conquest of a lush Grue world, where his people buried the dead monsters and then settled.

By the mid 18th century, after the Brothers had passed on, sixty Grue colonies had been taken over, their populations exterminated in favor of Bollar colonists. The Bollar family would elect several succeeding Emperors, each determined to carve his name in blood across the galaxy.

10 years before the American Revolution, in 1766 AD, the Siluvarans, the mortal enemy of the Grue Combine, had come back to power after having been previously wiped out. They launched a war against the now-distracted Grue, penetrating this most secure Grue zone for the first time in 400 million years. At this time, they discovered the Bollar Empire, and the ancient Matrons - those evacuated during the last Grue invasion that wiped out their people - made their move.

In 1801 AD, the Matrons launched a massive invasion of Grue space, catching an assembly of ancient Grue Leaders off guard as they met to discuss the Bollar Imperial menace. These Matrons, none over fifteen hundred years old, combined forces to teleport a brown dwarf (a planet almost dense enough to become a star) right into low orbital distance. The brown dwarf was far larger than the blue-green world the Grue Leaders were meeting at; they were almost all disintegrated along with their world, ironically being swallowed up by the gas giant. The survivors were overwhelmed by the Matrons.

Then, in 1822 AD, the Matrons turned on the Bollars, striking Ke'yeppa Beta. In one day, they descended upon Beta out of nowhere, all at once, and absorbed the entire adult populace in a matter of moments, feeding them all to their wombs and transforming their human victims into fairies: thus, the first Bollar fairies, or Nivalavi, came into existence. This was the first time the Bollars had ever heard of the Siluvarans. The Siluvarans would soon regret that.

Ke'yeppa Beta was the largest breeding ground for Bollar psionicists. This attack sorely crippled their ability to breed more, as those who'd been turned into fairies lost their psionic abilities. The Bollar-Siluvara war would be marked repeatedly by a diminished population of psionicists unable to keep up with the number of Siluvarans that they needed to kill. It is their diminished numbers that sparked the push for the construction of Bollar planet-killers.

In 1859, the first Grue colony world was blown to space dust by a planet-killer; the Siluvarans then lost two worlds to these weapons. The Bollar Empire was now fully engaged in a war on two fronts.

In 1871, while the American South was undergoing reconstruction, the Siluvaran Royal Guard mutinied and massacred their Matrons. Few survived this savage, disastrous rebellion, but enough remained to turn on the Bollars and kill millions of Bollar troops by 1877.

In 1878, the Bollars shocked the galaxy as dozens of planet killers hit Siluvaran colonies all at once. Nearly a hundred worlds were pulverized into asteroid fields during the most horrifying period of the war.

In 1879, a Bollar sun-killer was deployed, as part of the Bollar Empire's Scorched Galaxy initiative. A Siluvaran battlefleet of 2000 ships were annihilated by a supernova-sized blast whose shockwave smashed the nearby red giant right off the galactic map. Stunned by the nearly divine power of the sun-killer, plans were made to evacuate all Bollar citizens to the Greater Magellanic Cloud while reducing the Milky Way to a giant lifeless nebula.

In 1879, the Grue had lost 170 worlds, either pulverized or burned to lifeless rocks. Siluvarans, having lost over a hundred, were on the verge of surrender. But then the Sun-Killer was turned on its owners. Over a thousand planet killers, all stored in one mega shipyard, were annihilated by a supernova, in which the Sun-Killer was also wiped out. The Bollar military revolted against its generals in an attempt to stop a galactic Apocalypse, but the unofficial cause of the rebellion is the relationships between the Bollars and the Nivalavi, especially the second, third, fourth etc. generation Bollar fairies who could all trace their lineage back to their Bollar forebears. The Nivalavi were always friendly to the Bollars, and always fought against the Siluvarans. Siluvaran Nivalavi were consistently known to turn against their own in favor of the Bollars. They were also the fiercest fairy warriors in the galaxy; even ancient Grue council fairies could not stand against a Nivalavi war chief. The Bollar Empire's troops and citizenry could not stand to think that they might blow up a world with Nivalavi tribals sitting around, unaware of their impending fate.

In 1885, the Bollar Empire collapsed; in 1903, the Bollar Freeholds, a collection of tribes, each claiming to be run by a descendant of the Bollar Brothers, and each guarding its own Planet Killer, were officially formed.

In 1911, the Bollar-Siluvara war cooled down to a cold war, where both sides blustered at each other but conflict was rare. Planet Killers continued to stalk the galaxy, however, and the Bollar fairies began to multiply, rapidly.

Sometime in the 2300's, a Bollar Matron was discovered when she fed a male Bollar fairy to her womb and reverted him back to the human being he was before the Siluvaran Matrons transformed him. Calls intensified to make the Bollar Freeholds' alliance with the Nivalavi official.

In the late 24th century, the Bollars discovered the first Dalassi halfbreeds and then traced their origin to Earth...


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