PLEASE READ - Because some things truly deserve to be repeated

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PLEASE READ - Because some things truly deserve to be repeated

Post by Majestic_12 on Sun May 25, 2008 1:21 pm

Okay, fan fiction happens. In fact, I like fan fiction. But in my travels around the community, especially the vore community, is the occasional raging debate about whether predators eat kids, and also the author's anger about their predator-character's whole family paying the price for eating someone. Those of you who know me from other forums know what I'm talking about, otherwise, just trust me. PM me and I'll show you one link to a few good examples.

That said, we ain't going there.

I won't ever tolerate vivid accounts of monsters eating kids. I will
utterly punt someone who goes there. Same thing goes for stuff like,
say, someone stringing up a Grue baby and making veal out of them. Yes,
I know the human instinct is to find an alien nest and blow it to
kingdom come - and if you must go there with your own fan story then I
will condone a "fire in the hole!" scene of launching some bomb via
long distance that falls into a nest and goes boom. That happens. But
Barefoot Gen-style stories of Grue babies disintegrating in nuclear fire or scenes of said baby monsters running around screaming and burning with napalm or getting
cooked for BBQs, will also get you mad punted. And ixnay on dragging
pregnant women or pregnant Grues into death scenes.

This universe is absolutely
jam friggin packed with ripe, adult humans and aliens of either gender,
for me and for fans to utterly get gruesome on their asses: let us make
use of them, 'k?

That goes for unbirth scenes, too. Adult participants only.


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