Is she a Grue or an exo-symbiont (of which Siluvarans are a subset)?

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Is she a Grue or an exo-symbiont (of which Siluvarans are a subset)?

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:18 am

The ghost of Darwin hits you with a life or death pop quiz.

Your ship has crashed on a planet known to have tons of Grue and exo-symbiont fairies alike, battling for dominance. You've had no time at all to discern who is Grue and who is not.

You come to a clearing where you suddenly notice some fairies who have cut off your route to any direction of escape but have not yet seen each other. But they have ALL seen you.

Whichever one gets you first, gets you. Now what does "get you" mean? Well, one of two things - you're gonna be immediately teleported into her stomach or her womb. Depending on which one is the first to teleport to within magical striking distance of you.

Fairy #1 is platinum blonde, wearing a tunic. Slender.
Fairy #2 is naked, with silver hair.
Fairy #3 is a slightly chubby, curvy brunette.
Fairy #4 is nude with mocha skin and curly hair.
Fairy #5 is an athletic brunette, curly hair and wearing a robe.
Fairy #6 is a total goth, slender, with jet black hair, but no piercings. May be nude or not.

I will explain the risk factor for all of the above later, but for now... take your life into your hands... take a guess! Who do you run to and who do you run away from?


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