Magic-endowed Fairies armed with laser rifles? O'rly? Ya, rly.

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Magic-endowed Fairies armed with laser rifles? O''rly? Ya, rly.

Post by Majestic_12 on Sun May 24, 2009 10:29 am

Part 1)

Most humans who lay eyes upon a Siluvaran trooper are stunned at the sight of their chitinous-looking body armor and the bug appendage-shaped firearm slung over his/her shoulder, to say nothing of their digital eye visors. It utterly boggles most visitors' minds to see a fairy enshrouded in full powered armor, but if you stick around in Siluvaran territory long enough, you'll eventually come across this rare sight.

In the famous words of one shocked tourist... "Oh, really?"

Yes, really.

Siluvaran logic is quite sound in justifying this fusion of magic and technology. In a pitched battle with the Grue Combine, especially the supercarnivorous Silurhean fairies, grueling magic duels are commonplace and they typically end with everyone being exhausted. Siluvarans are quick, then, to whip out their heavy armor or weapons and form a picket line while the rear units recharge. Siluvarans tend to be far better at this than the Silurheans. A Silurhean trooper can nullify tech based weaponry, but not when they're out of magic energy.

Silurhean male soldiers, like their Siluvaran counterparts, are also well trained in casting anti-magic, thus ruining Siluvaran buffs and wards and also wiping out a Siluvaran's magic reserves (like an electro magnetic pulse for magic). This works out very badly for Silurheans, however, as Siluvarans can more efficiently retaliate with the backup option of raw fire and steel... or, fire and chitin.


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Re: Magic-endowed Fairies armed with laser rifles? O'rly? Ya, rly.

Post by Majestic_12 on Sun May 24, 2009 11:34 am

Part 2)
Civilian life

Siluvaran technology is heavily based on organic or crystalline resources. Most Siluvaran homes, and even military facilities, are some kind of plant or chitinous growth. Siluvaran computers are often found interfaced with bio peripherals; the equivalent of a webcam in their universe is a magically created eye designed to convey what it sees, to a computer via a digital/analog gateway.

Siluvarans are masters of "hard" magic. Say, you wanted to make a gold ingot. A fairy alchemist would transmute an iron ingot into gold by changing the actual elemental makeup. If anti magic is cast on the ingot, it still remains a gold ingot. This is what they call hard transmutation. Hard conjuration involves the use of existing materials to create an object that did not exist before. For instance, a typical Siluvaran crystalline based data storage system is made from an actual rock using chemical changes caused by magic. Magic is usually only the vehicle of creation, and so it is generally not needed to sustain the structure of the object once it is made. So once the data crystal is made, it exists for real and cannot be dispelled.

This is quite important in the area of manufacturing, as we would call it. Fairies make all manner of knick knacks to serve their daily needs; they study the designs for such devices and then call in various materials to form the object "in reality" so that it can exist "on its own" and without the need of magic to keep it in existence. Simple things like making a mixing bowl can be done instantly with a pile of rocks, using simple transmutation and object shaping. And it cannot be dispelled. Complex things like a computer that interoperates with others, requires computer engineering knowledge, which Siluvaran technical types are quite adept at. Cities can be brought into existence within days by a group of mages. However, when the object is something hypothetical like the Morris-Thorne Element, a negative mass core designed to facilitate circumvention-based FTL travel (wormholes; space fold, etc.), it is impossible at the time to create such a mass using hard magic. It is a "soft conjured" or "imagined" object (another term is "wished into existence"), which can be dispelled; but once the conjured object is studied and a way is found to create it using scientific means? It can be created "in reality" and will exist "on its own." Dangerously unstable objects are wished into existence; if it appears that the object will somehow explode or cause a dangerous incident, it can simply be "turned off" or dispelled, etc.

Speaking of computers, the fairy mind simply can never store as much information as a computer's crystalline memory system can. Computers are a dire necessity for storing things like the blueprints fairies use to "hard conjure" objects (anything from mixing bowls to cities), to record history, to communicate across worlds, and most importantly, computers help fairies make use of their natural affinity for forces of nature - in this case, energy. Given a live analog or digital signal connection between point A and point B, any epic magic adept fairy can turn into energy and transmit him/herself across the line to the other side - a very dangerous problem for human forces attempting to keep fairies out of their territory.

Fairies also use this fusion of magic and tech to generate artificial intelligence. Since living things cannot be conjured under any circumstances, intelligence from the level of simple abacus functionality, up to the level of human thought, is largely copied and easily translated into computer code... a lot of code. Market transaction code is conjured and enshrined into data crystals; the original programmers who created the base operating systems and code that provide the foundation for this, have been dead for over 400 million years; since then, magic-based code creation has sustained and grown the system that they created. Very few fairies now know anything about actually tinkering with computer code, especially the low level assembly code that underlies everything - a major weakness that humans quickly exploit. Silurheans have similar systems of which they know very little.

Human immigrants bring tablet PCs with them, which introduces keyboards to fairy computer technology and it catches on like wild, being that fairies control their hardware by speech commands and keyboards provide a degree of stealth and silence; even if the keyboard is slower and less efficient than dictation, the Siluvaran Royal Guard get used to it quickly as they seek to defend their computer systems from staggeringly devastating human hacker attacks. Unfortunately, as most latter-day attacks come from ultra fast and efficient cyberpaths, even this becomes futile.

It is noteworthy that human mages on Earth began to pursue a similar system of technomancy which they call "duct tape magic" in the 24th century, at the dawn of the era of magic - out of the same types of necessity which motivated the Silurheans (and later the Siluvarans).


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