Siluvaran fashions... or: "WTF? Fairies don't run around naked?"

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Siluvaran fashions... or: "WTF? Fairies don''t run around naked?"

Post by Majestic_12 on Sun May 24, 2009 2:51 pm

Siluvarans have many types of fashion styles, some of which are heavily in vogue in some colonies and not so on others. These things also change periodically, such that what's in vogue now, is not so a year from now, and others may endure for centuries. Siluvarans love human fashions and, upon exposure, adapt it to their own culture.

If there ever is a truly dominant, permanently popular fashion among Siluvarans, it's the type which translates to "deliciously natural, humble and simple": or, stretching it a bit, Bohemian fashion among humans. This strongly explains why human Bohemian styles become wildly popular adopted as-is, or almost as-is, by Siluvarans. The hippie sub-class of Bohemian style is wildly popular among the Dalassi ethnicity; in fact, the human-imported style is practically married to Dalassi culture upon first contact. "It matches our wings" is the favorite phrase the Dalassi use to describe hippie Boho fashion.

Human ethnic fashions, in general, catch on wildly with Siluvarans: everything from various Asian flavors to Hispanic, Eastern European, African and Polynesian styles, are seen commonly after humans begin to encounter the Siluvarans.

Siluvaran native fashion, however, revolves heavily around the use of common and renewable natural resources, particularly plant-based materials: leaves, petals, etc., and for the military, heavily enhanced chitin based armor. Patchworked clothes are especially common.

Siluvaran fairies dress up in public just as humans do. They do not run around naked... because there are children around, after all. In viewing Siluvarans from a sexual angle... they dress more conservatively than they act when they get you all alone. Be warned.

The truth is, the only other thing you won't see Siluvarans wearing is
straight up business attire. Siluvarans have no need for banks or
financial systems, and they don't sell things. There is no Siluvaran
currency. However, Siluvaran women have developed a great affinity for women's two piece suits. Blouses, knee length skirts, and the like, became an instant hit upon introduction to their culture, right down to the cotton sport jackets, panty hose and short heel shoes. Fairies aren't fans of high heels, generally, but you do see them from time to time. Flats are the most common shoes one will see. Low heel thong sandals are their favorite mate-catching attire. It's guaranteed that if one sees a Siluvaran woman wearing thong sandals, especially the more stylish kind, she's on the hunt for a mate.

One note of caution. Siluvaransare not even remotely tolerant of
leather or other animal flesh based clothes. This cannot possibly be
over-emphasized. Leather gives off the smell of animal proteins, which
a Siluvaran's body is adapted to detect and avoid at all costs.
Bringing one into a Siluvaran's presence elicits either major scorn or,
worse, a panic response at the immediate presence of meat (leather) -
and one does not want a magic user to panic. Be warned. Leather will usually be checked and removed upon arrival in Siluvaran territory if you're caught wearing it.


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